About Us

About Us

R & D design

We have now become the main R&D and design partner
and supplier of INDITEX Group in China.


R & D personnel

The company currently has 6 designers, 12 pattern makers, 35 proofers, and more than 30 product development and sales personnel.


Patent/Work Copyright

Up to now, the company has applied for and obtained 58 copyrights of various works, 5 software copyrights, and 1 utility model patent. 2 registered trademarks.


Designing ability

There are more than 70 fabrics, patterns and clothing styles developed and designed by us, with a quantity of more than 1.3 million pieces, which have been sold in more than 6,000 stores around the world.

Trademark/Patent Certificate

Various certificates that must be obtained for order operation

The premise of cooperating with customers is that the enterprise must first pass the following certifications and obtain the certificate. After the certificate is obtained, submit it to the guest system, and the customer will not place an order until the validity of the certificate is verified by the guest. The guest system only defaults to the business address on the certificate at that time. Once the address changes, the guest's order will be stopped immediately. The new address must pass all certificates before the guest can place an order again. Generally, the certification of the certificate starts from the preparation work to the obtaining of the certificate. , at least more than 3 months, once failed for the first time, the re-audit will be submitted for certification after an interval of 6 months. Therefore, changing the address is not only a matter of certification fees, but also faces the risk of order suspension and customers stopping cooperation.

19Our honor

Our company was established in 2003

Massimo Dutti

Our design-development-production garments

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